What Led Us To This?

Emily has written a fabulous piece about this already; the baby, the cost of living, our sense of adventure. I wondered what I could add to it. She asked me for my perspective and I find it difficult to write about that. A recipe for Coffee Mate pancakes would be much easier. Perhaps I could write a piece about being off-grid. Solar power? Generators? Maybe I could write about weed hatches and bilge pumps…

I am a man. Whatever that means. I was horrified a few years ago to realise that I fit into a ‘demographic’. I am an individual (like everyone else!). I wonder what to write that would interest anybody about why we live on a boat. Why would anyone care?

Maybe if I wrote a story about it. But then I would need a plot. A narrative. An ending. Perhaps the problem is the aimlessness. No end in sight. Don’t push the river, it will flow by itself.

Truth is a pathless land – Jiddu Krishnamurti.

And, of course, he who knows the Tao does not speak of the Tao. He who speaks of the Tao does not know the Tao.

Feelings. That’s what it’s all about. Love. Finding a way to be together. Finding a way to express that love. Making a safe place to help things grow. Keeping it simple. Just being in the moment. Loving every season of Emily and being whole.

But I am a man. We do not talk of the Tao. We do not know the Tao. We just pretend we know what we are doing and hope nobody notices too much that it’s all a complete mystery to us.

A weed hatch is, sadly, not as interesting as it sounds. It is a hatch over the propellor to provide access to remove weeds…

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