What Led Us To This?

Lets face it; living on a canal boat aged 31 with my partner, a young baby, a dog and a cat is not the most conventional choice of lifestyle. In fact, some may say (and actually have said) that it is crazy. However there were a couple of major factors that made this a sensible choice for us. I wanted to start us off by explaining this as I think it is good for people to see our position and it will hopefully mean you will be as excited about our adventures as we are!

In July 2018, a nice break away in around Windermere, Cumbria resulted in a little surprise; I was pregnant. This was something we had already discussed as something I wanted in my life and although Ed already had his lovely brood (4 of them in fact), he hadn’t rejected the idea. However it did come along quicker than we would perhaps have liked. So we had to do some contingency planning.

Newby Bridge Cumbria, 4th July 2018 where we sat by the river with some G&Ts

So, after some soul searching and logistics and finance (yawn) talk, we decided that we could no longer stay in the home we were in. The monthly rent was extremely high and would not have been sustainable for us when I started maternity leave. We needed a solution with some security – our landlords had already tried to terminate our contract once before and were getting tired of the worry. We wanted some stability.

With Ed being recently self employed, buying a house would have been difficult. So what was our option? A static caravan? A government help-to-buy scheme? None of that appealed. Then Ed reminded me that he had always dreamed of owning a canal boat, and that was it – Ed got his dream and we got the guaranteed roof over our heads that we both so craved. The worry was gone. Sure, we might have some compromise or difficulties along the way, but for once (and for the first time in my life) no-one could take our home away from us and we could afford our incoming new family member, as well as have an adventure along the way!

So that’s how the journey began, Ed found our boat, Crystal Clear and away we went – a new life awaited!

Ed filling up the water tank on ‘Crystal Clear’.

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